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The 14th annual RIBMS Walkathon will be held on Friday, October 6, 2017!  This walkathon is our one major fundraiser for the year. 

The walkathon consists of a walk.  The Town of Coaldale has been contacted to gain permission to walk from our school and to map out a route for our students that is both safe and scenic. We will end up back at the school for a picnic. Every member of our staff is being enlisted to ensure the utmost safety and success of this venture. We are also in need of volunteers, so if you are willing to help us out on this day please email Mrs. Gaskell at

40% of what each pod/grade level raises is returned directly to the pod. The pod teachers then use these funds to pay for field-trips and other extra costs not covered by regular school budget.

 We are all looking forward to this exciting event.

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