About Us

General Information

R.I. Baker Middle School continually strives to become the best middle school it can be. A good middle school is identified by how well it supports the healthy growth and development of its students. Students at this level are experiencing rapid growth and change intellectually, socially, and emotionally, as well as physically but they do not all grow at the same time or at the same rate. Young adolescents seem almost grown up one minute then behave like children the next. Middle level students between the ages of 10- 14 especially benefit from educational experiences that match their varied rates and levels of development.


Characteristics of an effective middle school are:

1. an age-appropriate, yet challenging and active curriculum.

2. a safe environment where students are grouped in teams. At RIBMS students are a part of a homeroom team, a pod (grade level team) and a cga (cross graded advisory) team.

3. a strong exploratory program as students progress through grades 5-8 their opportunities to explore different exploratories increases.

4. an active sports/intramural/extra-curricular program.

Closed Campus: Partially because of middle school philosophy, partially because of the younger age of our students, and partially to comply with Section 45 (8) of the School Act, (a safe and caring environment), RIBMS has a closed campus policy. Closed campus means that students must stay on the school grounds for the entire day. Exceptions are made for those students who live close enough to the school and who choose to go home for lunch. For this to occur, parents must sign and return the permission form that allows students to leave the school campus.