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Baker Gear Store is Open!

Welcome to your R.I. Baker Middle School On-Line Store!

The Team at Fully Promoted and staff at R.I. Baker have been working to put together this School Store for you to do some shopping and show your school spirit in your Baker Bear Gear! There are quite a few apparel items to choose from; please click into the items to see what is available to choose from.

Here is your link to get your Baker Bear Gear On:

Here is what to expect:
 The online store will be open until May 30, 2022 to place orders.
 When all orders are in, all items will be decorated together.
 We will make a delivery of all the items to the school when everything is complete.

Prior to making selections, and in order to Check Out, an account will need to be set up with all contact information. If you forget to do this in advance, any selections you make may not be saved. Payment will be required at the time of ordering and will be processed through the on- line store with a credit card. Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Kim Peters at Fully Promoted:
1515 – 3 Ave. S. (across from Cuppers Coffee)

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