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Nov. 25 - Message to Parents

Yesterday, the Government of Alberta announced mandatory restrictions for schools, which begin Nov. 30. Students in Grade 7 and 8 will move to at-home learning starting on Nov. 30. If you have personal technology at home for your child to learn with that would help as supply may be limited.  If you are in need of a chromebook for at home learning, please follow the process below.
**If you have a child that is currently isolating, please make sure they follow the communication that will be sent out shortly by their homeroom teacher.  These students will transition to an online learning structure that will be in place November 30th.

Grades 5-6 students will continue in-person learning to Dec. 18. These students will continue to be bused to school, as per usual.  Following the scheduled Christmas break, classes will be delivered at-home using online delivery from Jan. 4 through to Jan. 8.  If you will need technology to complete the at home learning from January 4th to January 11th, please follow the instructions below.

R.I. Baker students and staff will have their scheduled Christmas break following the last day of class on Dec. 18. The first day of class, Jan. 4, will commence as scheduled with at-home delivery until January 11th.

The new restrictions and rising cases have other effects at RIBMS.
1. We will need to cancel our Annual Turkey Dinner.  This is one of Baker's longest standing traditions, but with limited students in the building and cases rising, we feel this is the best decision.
2. At home learning MUST be treated as serious as face to face learning.  Attendance will be taken and students will be held accountable for all assignments and assessments.  Students who will require extra support will receive it.  We will communicate these details shortly.
3. In the new year, we will be making our cohorts more COVID efficient. We will be switching more of a dyad structure where students will only see two core teachers a day rather than four.  This may not be the case in every instance, but we are going to do our best to keep everyone as safe as possible.

ChromeBook Request Process

If you do not have sufficient technology at home for your child to complete online learning please follow the following process that Palliser Schools has communicated. 
1. Email our office at RIBMS. You can email:  
2. Please copy, paste, and fill in information in the following request message.


Hello, I would like to request a chromebook for (First name Last name) to complete online learning.  My email that I can be reached at is (provide full email).  There will be (number of students using device) students using this device.
Thank you,
(Parent first and last name)


3. Once your email is sent, your device should arrive at RIBMS on the Friday following your email.  Please call to set up a time for pick up.
If you have any questions please contact me and I will do my best to provide clarification.

Thanks for your continued support,
Jason Prebushewski
Principal, R.I. Baker Middle School

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