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First Day of School Information

Please refer to the arrival times and entrances for your child.  Please refer to your child’s homeroom cohort below.  There will be markings for social distancing line-ups outside their specific door, also listed below.

Wednesday – grade fives will arrive at 8:20am (NE door) and grade 6’s at 8:25am (NW band room door).

Thursday – Grade 8 will arrive at 8:20am (West door) and grade 7’s at 8:25 am (Main East entrance)

A reminder that Parents are NOT allowed in the school.  Staff will meet students outside and escort them to their classrooms.  Thank you for understanding!

For the first day(s) on Wednesday and Thursday, please bring a backpack with the following supplies for each grade level.  Please also bring a water bottle as fountains will be shut off.  Also, it is required that you bring your own mask the first day.  We will be supplying additional masks, but it may not be until later in the day.

Grade 5 – Please bring all supplies the first day.

Grade 6- Please bring the following supplies the first day:
1 binder
8 duotangs
2 scribblers
pencil crayons
1 package of pencils
basic calculator
1 pack of dividers
glue stick
pencil case/box
large Ziploc bag to house gym shoes
water bottle
face mask
1 pack of lined paper

Grade 7- Please bring all supplies the first day.  Some may come back for a later date. Please check backpacks.

Grade 8 - Here is what we request students have on their first day (Grade 8):
1 Large pencil box/Zipper Case (no plastic)
1 pack Post-It notes
2 good quality HB pencils
2 good quality pencil erasers - white
Loose leaf paper - ruled - 1/2 package per binder
2 - 2" binders
2 pens
1 pen - red
2 highlighters (different colors)
1 glue stick
1 scissors (sharp, narrow pointed, metal)
2 Expo Dry Erase Markers
1 package 24 sharpened good quality pencil crayons
1 package regular sized felt markers
1 package fine tipped markers
1 white-out (tape)
Subject Dividers (package of 5) - per binder
Calculator (Texas Instrument TI-30X IIS)
2 Boxes of Kleenex (200s) - to be left in homeroom classroom
1 pencil sharpener
1 scribbler (no coil)
2 duo-tangs
Lysol wipes (80 count)
Hand sanitizer (250 mL)

Our teachers have spent countless hours creating homerooms.  We will not be accepting requests for any movement. 



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