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School Council News

Hello parents! School Council met on September 20 and this year’s Council members are: Robyn Henderson (School Council Chair), Shannon Kasko (School Council Vice-chair), and Amy Hass (Secretary). Also present at meetings are Jason Prebushewski (Principal) and Krista Gaskell (Vice-Principal), as well as Mrs. Peacock (Teacher Rep). All are welcome!

We’d love you to join us at School Council to:

  • Find out what happens at RI Baker (what is working? What can be improved?)

  • Hear about upcoming events, projects and initiatives at RI Baker & in Palliser

  • Be a voice and have input into your child’s education!

  • We will be meeting this year at 6:30pm in the staff room at RI Baker on:

    -  November 8, 2016 
    -  January 17, 2016
    -  March 14, 2017
    -  May 16, 2017

    We’ve also been asked as a School Council to provide feedback into the organizational re- view of the Palliser School Division. We’ve been asked to submit our perspective in specific terms of reference, including:

  1. Organizational culture, climate and leadership

  2. Accountability to stakeholders

  3. Internal and external communication practices

  4. Governance practices

If you would like to provide your perspective or information to be included in the School Council submission, please send your comments to Robyn Henderson, School Council Chair, at Your submission will be treated con den ally and compiled with other parents’ submissions. The collected input will then be submitted from the School Council of RI Baker Middle School to the review panel. Please email any of your comments in the above areas by October 3, 2016. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Robyn Henderson, School Council Chair

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