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March 13 & 14 Parent Teacher Interviews

Parents NEED to have an EDSBY account set up in order to access the opportunity to book Parent Teacher Interviews.
Please contact the Office if you need help getting this account set up.

When it’s time for parents to schedule an interview with their children’s teachers, a message will be sent to their Edsby mailbox.

Click the envelope in the Navigation Bar to access your mailbox.

Open the message and click Book Parent-Teacher Interview.

You will see the children the interviews apply to and the available time slots for each of your children’s teachers.If the interview period runs on more than one day, use the tabs to select between interview days.

Edsby enables parents to choose exact time slots they want and enables parents to know in real time if the slots are available.Slots that are already booked and unavailable will be blank.Slots available will be labeled accordingly.Click on available slots to book them.

You can also remove your booking or change it to another available time.

When you are finished booking, click Done.You will have a summary of your interview schedule in your mailbox.

If the interview period has not yet been closed for editing by an administrator, parents can make changes to their interview schedule by clicking Make Changes.

Printing the Schedule

Parents can print their interview schedules by clicking File and then Print or by typing Ctrl+P on their keyboard.


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