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Year End Assemblies

On Wednesday, June 28th, we will once again be hosting our year end assemblies. All students will be receiving their RIBMS Recognition Certificates with the ‘win-its’ stickers. These stickers provide recognition, not only for academic excellence but for a wide variety of endeavors students chose to be involved in.

We encourage all parents, friends and family members to attend the assemblies. Please remember that each grade has their own assembly, except for the Grade 8’s. All students and staff attend the Grade 8 assembly, as this is their final assembly at RIBMS and we want to celebrate their achievements and wish them well as they move on from RIBMS.

All assemblies take place in the gym.

Schedule of Assemblies:
Gr. 8 - 9:00 Farewell Assembly
Gr. 7 - 12:00
Gr. 6 - 1:15
Gr. 5 - 2:30

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