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2021-2022 August Update

Hello everyone, I wanted to send an August update out to inform you on some of the changes (as of now) at Baker regarding COVID, staggered entry the first week, masks, and other useful information.  I hope this finds you enjoying the heat and starting to prepare for a great school year.

I will be sending more school communication out shortly regarding some school start up items.

Mr. Prebs


Universal masking is no longer required, and will not be required at Baker once students return. However, it may be asked as a temporary intervention in response to respiratory outbreaks or student illness. Baker staff will support those who choose to wear masks. 

RI Baker wants to ensure that we open the school year on a positive note but also to ensure that we are acting in the best interest of our students, staff and families. While the government is providing guidance for school reopening and there seems to be a shift in mindsets as to what schools will need to do, a few items Palliser is asking schools to do are:

  1. We will continue good hygiene practices. We will be encouraging hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer. We will have hand sanitizer at your doors and in classrooms.

  2. Social Distancing- We will continue to use these practices and encourage social distancing when feasible. 

  3. Masks- as stated above, are no longer required. However, you may have staff and students that wish to or must wear a mask; we will ensure these individuals are supported in their choices. 

  4. Cohorting- While cohorting is not mandated or required, We have found it has been a way to manage our school in some situations.  We WILL continue to line up outside at bells in classes.  

  5. Recess- Recesses will be back to an uncohorted break for kids (all grades) to socialize and get much needed exercise.  Our lunch recesses will continue with half of the school being outside at once, switching at a midpoint bell.

  6. Staggered entry for week one- the first week back will be used to stagger the days' students come to school. The 5's and 8's will have their first day on Wednesday September 1st.  The 6's and 7's will get their first day on Thursday the 2nd, and everyone (all grades) will attend on Friday September the 3rd. 

  7. If a student feels sick at school- We will continue to carry out the practice as we have over the last year,The student will be asked to wear a mask, placed in the sick room, and we will call parents to pick them up.  We are very much committed to limiting the spread of any viruses, especially COVID and its variants. 

  8. Visitors to the school- While schools no longer need to be closed to the public, we do need to ensure that those entering are following all health regulations. We will keep our signs at the doors and visible in areas that remind people not to enter if they have symptoms. We are waiting for further information regarding changes in practice for those in close contact or who have travelled. We will also ask that if a parent wishes to speak with a staff member of administration in person to please do so by appointment only when possible.  

  9. Field trips and off-property excursions- Our hope is to get our programs that make our school so great up and running.  However this will be decided case by case based on the activity, transportation, and regulations at the time. 

  10. Lockers - We will now be using our lockers spaces at RIBMS.  Students will have access to lockers and a lock that will be assigned the first week.  NOTE: This may be something that could change with recommendations in the future.
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