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May 5th Track & Field Information

We are excited to be able to run a full track meet again this year for all our students, grades 5-8 at the University of Lethbridge. We will be at the UofL on Thursday, May 5. We will travel by bus there and back during normal school hours. We are scheduled to leave the school as quickly as we are organized that day, and leave the university by 3pm to be back in time for the buses. We would love to see you out there cheering on your kiddos and enjoying the day with us.

Students should wear comfortable clothes that allow for physical activity (eg. Shorts, sweats, etc.). If you have Baker gear, wear it! It will be cool first thing in the morning, so bring a sweater/coat! All clothing must meet the RI Baker dress code. All events must be done wearing shoes.
Every year, a large number of students get a sunburn during Track & Field Day. Pack some sunscreen and a hat. You also should pack a water bottle so that you can keep yourself hydrated, and some healthy snacks. Pack enough food to last the day. There may be a concession, but you might not have a lot of time to go to it. Students may want to have some money for the concession. No electronics are allowed!

There will be no scheduled time for lunch. Students will eat lunch in between their events. It is important that they stay hydrated and eat enough….it will be important for your performance. It is crucial that we clean up after ourselves…. or we will not be allowed back. No food or drinks other than water will be allowed inside the fences (where the track and field events take place). Please eat in the bleachers or at the tables in the common area. You need to bring your own lunch, none will be provided.

Students will know their schedule in advance of the track meet. However, the schedule is tentative. The track schedule could run ahead or behind. Students will need to listen to announcements and pay attention to what’s going on. All races will take place in order of grade (gr. 5 girls & boys, pee-wee girls & boys, etc.). Track events take precedence over field events. If students are in a track event at the same time as a field event, wait until the second call announcement has been made, then check out of your field event and go and run your race. Students will need to return to their field event as quickly as possible.
Student participation in track and field day is a part of your PE mark. Students who do not show up for their events will lose marks.

Age Categories
Students will be competing against other students based on age categories.
They are as follows:
Grade 5 - only grade 5s
PeeWee - grade 6 and those grade 7s who age down
Bantam - grade 7 and grade 8s who age down
Midget - grade 8
*Aging down is based on birthdays, Mr. Bergmann and Mrs. Goertzen check every birthday to ensure students are in the correct category. We do have a few students who age up a category as well

If you have any questions please contact Mr. Bergmann or Mrs. Goertzen.

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