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The New Bus Status is Here!

The time has come, RI Baker/Palliser Bus Status users!

The new and improved Bus Status is available today at 5PM MST.


In case you missed our first announcement, the new Bus Status features:

  • Sleek, modern design enjoyable through the web, iPhone, and Android.
  • 4X faster processing time.
  • Speedier push notification system, letting you know about delays and cancellations quicker.
  • (Insert name of school/school district) information screen allowing you to access inclement weather policies, contact information, and general regulations with just a tap.



Users must “star” buses they wish to receive push notifications for once they have upgraded. Previously favourited buses in the old version will not be saved.


The new Bus Status will send out a push notification on Sunday, November 29 to remind users to “star” their buses before the new school week begins.

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