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Caring for CommUNITY Project

As we navigate through this school year, it is easy for students and staff to focus on the things we cannot do. We are choosing to focus on some things we can do to make our community a better place. We want to give back to the town we live in! For the rest of the school year we would like to do our part in recognizing our glass may be half full, but there is room to add to it.
During the next 10 weeks we have made it our project to bring our community even closer together and fill the buckets of others. Our goal is to help locals thrive during a time where it is sometimes difficult to. This is a community challenge...let’s rise up and do our part on these FIVE special days!

Wednesday, April 28th
The Bakerfly Effect - We are going to publicly challenge community members to make another human happy on this day.  This could be in the form of:

  • Kind words
  • A helping hand
  • A gift of thanks
  • Helping a community member in need
  • Any random act of kindness

We ask that our community spend this day taking care of each other in all ways possible. One day can make many future days different. We will have an online forum on our website to anonymously celebrate the great ideas and acts of kindness that take place. Our hope is one day may turn into more! If someone makes your it forward!

Thursday, May 13th
Community Clean up - On this day our entire school will do our part to help make our town a better place. Each class in the school will have a dedicated area of the town to clean up.  We challenge other community members to get outside and do the same. If we all put in a small amount of time and effort we can make a big difference. Let’s see what we can do Coaldale!

Tuesday, May 25th
R.I. Baker Online Art Auction to Support Local Businesses - Student art will be polished, framed and put up for auction online. R.I. Baker will take the winning bids from each piece and purchase a gift card from a local business with 100% of the funds. Auction winners will get to have a local student piece of art, as well as a local gift card to spend. It is a WIN - WIN - WIN!!!  

Monday, June 7th
Local Hero Drive Thru - On this day RIBMS will hold a drive thru starting at 5:00pm - 7:00pm. Any Coaldale community member can drive through our bus loop, pick up a hot dog and chips to go, and receive a Local Hero Card. Visitors will get a BBQ’d meal accompanied with a student celebrated local hero to learn about. Meals and cards will be prepared and packaged in a sanitized and COVID friendly way.   

Monday, June 21st 
EAT Lunch Local Challenge! - In lieu of our postponed annual Turkey Dinner, R.I. Baker Middle School will support local restaurants by feeding our entire school through local businesses only. We understand how restrictions have made a huge impact on our local establishments. We would like to do our part to help! On this day students will enjoy lunch from local restaurants and we challenge all Coaldale residents to do the same! Let’s all eat great food and make someone's day!

Let’s come together on these 5 days to make a difference in a community that we all love!


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