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Happy Retirement, Mrs. Wickham!

It’s not often one in the teaching profession spends virtually all of her career at one school. Mrs. Wickham is one of these people. She has devoted 30 years of her life to so many families of Coaldale. She began her work in the community back when R.I. Baker Middle School was R.I. Baker Junior High School. Marie has taught many subjects and grade levels within the walls of Baker. Over the years she has coached a variety of athletic programs, ran the Phys Ed department, been a mentor teacher, developed an outstanding foods 5-8 program, and is always one of the first people in the building each day! Staff members like this come along once in a lifetime and the Coaldale community and RIBMS will miss her very much. 

We wish Marie well in her retirement, and hope she will visit the school as a substitute teacher, or even just to say “hi”.

Thank you Mrs. Wickham for your many years of service.

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Rebecca Rendell


Sad to see you go, but I wish you the best retirement! I'm happy to have had you as my grade 5 teacher and my sons grade 5 teacher! We will all miss you!

Wayne Street


Congratulations Marie on your retirement. May you enjoy your new found time and may it be filled with all the things you love to do on your own time. Stay healthy and enjoy.