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Hey Baker Students!

**Update:  It's not too late to join an exploratory class.  Join anytime!

We are excited to offer all students (grade 5 through 8) the option of taking some online exploratories from home this term!

Here's how it will work:
1. Find the Google Classroom Join Code below
2. Go to "Google Classroom" and "Join a Class", enter in the code 
3. Check out the "Stream" and "Classwork" tabs on Google Classroom to learn about how the course will run
4. Have fun and learn RI Baker Online!

There is no limit to the number of exploratories a student can enroll in and anyone in any grade can be a part of these classes.

Course Name Teacher Google Classroom "Join Code"
Photography Mr. Martens hx765ym
Fashion Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Vegter j6lgeij
French Mrs. Leusink 5rqlqlv
Art Mrs. Gaskell ldfppp4
Drama Mr. Smith y5jvgcu
Dance Ms. Cleland 7zs6aa7
STEM Ms. Friesen lateolp
3D printing (tinkercad) Ms. Friesen wj6abhq
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