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Dawn Berry


Welcome back! This school year I am teaching Math 8, Active Living 8 and Health 8. I can’t wait to meet all of my new students.

I must stress the importance of coming to class prepared with all necessary materials. Particularly in Math, coming with a binder, calculator, pencil and eraser are vital to finding any success. 

My teacher site on the school website ( is devoted to an online version of the textbook for student reference. This is a great resource for additional review when preparing for any major form of assessment. 

As a means of communication, you will receive regular emails from me. These will provide you with notice of upcoming exams, other important dates and any other pertinent information.  

Every chapter will have a combination of assignments and major assignments to prepare students for the Chapter Exam. These are submitted and returned promptly, to provide continual feedback on understanding as we progress throughout the chapter. Late assignments have minimal impact on student learning. Therefore, it is imperative that these assignments are submitted on time. To receive credit for late assignments, within each chapter, the student must submit no later than 1 week after the chapter exam. 

With that said, marks are available online. As we are going ‘paperless’, you will be able to access these frequently throughout the year. I will update these monthly for your reference! 

I look forward to a wonderful year!

Dawn Berry-Furtado